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Live it Well


What does that mean? Live it well. What would that actually look like in real life, on a day to day basis? It’s a question I’ve been rolling around in my mind for several days. This past week while running errands I heard the song of this title by Switchfoot on the radio. It’s not the first time I’ve heard it, but this time, it riveted me, and I couldn’t help but think that maybe this needs to be my theme song for the new year.

I’m not typically one to have a theme for the year, or even any true resolutions. Yet something in the lyrics struck a chord inside me. A longing for the calling I’ve felt strongly yet somehow vaguely for so long. I don’t want to just go through this life one routine day after the next feeling like most things are going pretty well, but I’m still not really hitting the mark.

So this morning, in the midst of a quiet house, and the new beginnings of 2017, I sat down to ask the Lord about this question I just can’t quite seem to answer. What does living well look like for me? How do I actually do that?

I know my calling involves writing. Most of my writing happens in the privacy of my journal – a dialogue between me and God. It’s an untainted process. I don’t need to edit, I can just write the flow that He gives. But I also feel called as a messenger, which is why I started this blog in the first place. This blog is named Inspired Encouraged because that is my goal and heart’s desire – to inspire and encourage you as live out the story God has for your life. But more times than not, I overthink what I post on here, trying to figure out how to best serve all of you. I’ll never even meet many of you, yet I have held ideas about what your expectations and needs are, and I’ve worried whether I’m meeting them. I feel acutely that there is a purpose God wants to birth in each of your lives, and I’m burdened by trying to figure out how I can in some small way be a catalyst in that process. It’s not always a clear path though. I hesitate when I’m called to vulnerability. Will I be judged? Will you understand my true message? Will you hear God through me? Will you really know my heart?

As I came to the Lord this morning with this question about living well, and writing, and how I’m supposed to move forward, He did what I didn’t expect. He changed my perspective and He set me free in the process. In my next few posts I want to share more from my journal, and explain how God is unraveling this question for me. But for today, I pose the question to you. What does living well look like for your life? What next step is God calling you to this year? What would it mean to embrace the calling?

As you ponder those questions, listen to this song, Live it Well.

Happy New Year, Friends!


Next Steps


Have you ever felt God tugging on your heart, pushing you forward, whispering to you about your calling? I truly believe that God has created all of us with a purpose; a role to play in His eternal kingdom. I certainly don’t see the big picture of my calling and purpose. I doubt you do either. My experience has been that God tends to give us only enough light to see our next step. This is probably for the best. After all, if we could really see His God-sized plans for us, we’d probably freak out and turn into a puddle of trembling goo because there’s no way we could possibly fulfill that vision. And that’s true. We can’t. But God can. Our job is to keep our eyes on Him and obediently take whatever next step He gives us.

© Jphotostyles | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Jphotostyles | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos

So that’s what I’m doing. Starting this blog is my next step. I’ve felt God whispering a calling to me for several years… Write. As I walk through my own struggles with anxiety, perfectionism, chronic illness, motherhood, and just the nitty-gritty of everyday life, I know God is giving me a story to tell. A story He wants me to share. So here I am, putting one foot in front of the other, and taking the next step.

I hope you’ll keep coming back to visit, and that each time you do, you’ll leave with some inspiration and encouragement for your own journey.